Jumat, 06 Maret 2009


If anyone wants to purchase imported goods at a reasonable prices, then they should try The Pasar Ular or The snake" retail market" as am alternative place to shop. The relatively low price of goods here has become an attraction not only to shoppers from Jakarta but also from out of Town.

The Pasar Ular market in Plumpang North Jakarta has become the symbol of a place to shop for imported goods at reasonable prices, which started in the nineteen seventies. Many imported goods such as bags, shoes and ceramics are sold at a range of prices. Starting from tens of thousands of rupiah up to hundreds of thousands of rupiah.

Still people in Pasar Ular claimed that during the last ten years many merchants have reducing their imported supply due to the monetary crisis. Not only people from Jakarta who shop at this market but also people from out of Jakarta are even interested in hunting for specific items here. Nevertheless shoppers are quite aware of the condition of the market.

Prior to hunting for their goods despite reducing the supply of imported goods the quality of local goods offered are not that different from the imported ones. Thus the merchants are hoping that their goods will attract consumers because of the relatively low price with high quality.

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Two Indian slum kids who acted in The Oscar Nominated "Slumdog Millionaire' took flight for Los Angeles to attend the awards ceremony. It's a fairytale come true for eight-year-old Rubina Ali and her co-star Mohammad Azharuddin Ismail, child actors taken from The Slums of Mumbai where the rags-to-riches tale of "slumdog millionare", nominated for 10 oscars, is set.

Ali and Ismail where of to Los Angles for the 81-st academy awards ceremony at The Kodak Theater on Sunday ( February 22 ) where they could rub shoulders with the Jolies and Winslets ot the world.There are few bets against "Slumdog Millionaire" at the prestigious Hollywood awards and the story of young boy on an odds-defying quest on a television game show has picked up a clutch of awards this season.

Buit experiencing the oscards first-hand is more than just a trip abroad for the film's young stars, who have spent most of their lives in the squalor of Mumbai's slums. Rubina's uncle who came to see her off at The Mumbai's Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport was quite certain that the film would bag the coveted award.

The slum portrayed in the award-winning film is at the center of a land controversy in entertainment capital Mumbai that has highligted the challenges facing a booming India as it tries to modernize its cities. Dharavi, where part of the film was shot, is the focus of an ambitious, but contentious, 150-billion rupee ( 3 billion U.S dollars ) redevelopment plan to turn shanties near the heart of The Indian Financial Capital into upscale apartments and office towers.
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Rabu, 21 Januari 2009


The head of the people's consultative council Hidayat Nurwahid is disappointed with Obama's Inauguration speech that did not mention at all The Gaza conflict. People all over the world were waiting for Obama to call for peace in Gaza. Hidayat Nur Wahid the head of the people's consultative council hopes that the inaugurated US President Obama will create tranquility in The Middle East, by ending the Israel-palestine conflict.

It is hoped Obama will bing a new change and optimism to America's relationship with the international world especially with regard to efforts to create peace between Israel and Palestine. However Hidayat Nurwahid feels disappointed with Obama's speech at his inuguration in that he did not mention The Gaza conflict. Where as the effort to end the crisis between Israel and Palestine is a main task for Obama in line with his campaign objective to present change to the world and create peace.

Nurwahid acknowledged that Obama should leave behind sadistic methods of ending the conflict that have given America a bad image in the international world.

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People are busy shopping at Shanghai's old town market ahead of The Lunar New Year Holidayk, but the festive mood has been dampened this year by the global economic crisis. A variety of lunar new year decorations hang in these stalls, some wishing for a prosperious new year while others sing out for good fortune.

But consumers in China are having a hard time convincing themselves og good times to come in the year of the ox as the global economic downturn has sent exports to The United States and Europe plinging. The Chinese Lunar New Year week-long holiday has always been the main shopping and partying event of the calendar in China, and past records show it typically a time for people and companies to splash out.

China has enjoyed phenomenal economic growth for years, giving a huge boost to its domestic consumtion. Young consumers, mostly in their late twenties and early yhirties, would spends as much as they earned, if not more, on designer clothes, electronics, entertainment and a wide variety of consumer goods. But recent consumer surveys have shown that they are becoming thriftier and the immediate impact is the belt-tightening for the festive period.

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School activities in Jakarta that was stopped due to floading are back to normal. However access streets to the schools are still flooded. The heavy rain that has fallen on Jakarta over the last couple of days stopped school activities at several schools in Jakarta.

At present though according to the Jakarta Education Department there are no more shools that are flooded apart from access streets to the schools. In adition school activities at elementary school S-D-N 03/04/12 are back to normal. The headmaster of S-D-N 03 Pademangan Barat Supriyono said that actually the flooding did not stop school activities, but because so many students didn't go to shool. The headmaster decided to close it.

It is hoped the education departement of Jakarta will renovate the flooded schools.

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new York's historic black neighborhood of Harlem Cheers on Barack Obama as he takes the oath of office. New York's historic black neighborhood of Harlem Brimmed with Joy as Barack Obama took office as America's first Black President. Elated crowds filled the plaza outside The Adam Clayton Powell State office building to watch the inaugural festivities televised from Washington, bursting into cheers each time the new president appeared on the screen.

Harlem, in uptown Manhattan, has long been the heart of the city's black culture and home to generations of black artists, writers, politicians and activists.While some people in the crowd cheered, shouting Obama Obama Obama, others cried as they watched Obama take the oath of office on the large outdoor television screen. The chilly winter temperatures did little to spoil the party atmosphere. Read More..


At the far end of the national mall around two miles from the capitol where Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th U-S President the person with the farthest view of the swearing in ceremony was filled with as much excitement as any of the diginitaries assembled close to the event. Babcock who declined to give her age is native of New York currently lives in Washington D.C she said she wasn't initially a fan of Obama but it didn't take long for him to win her over.

From the steps of The Lincoln Memorial Babcock and others were in a festive mood despite frigid temperatures and biting wind. For her Obama's election marks a chance to redeem her country's standing on the world stage. Obama's speech on Tuesday like his campaiign included references to ordinary people who brought dignity to America throught their humility and hard work.

Babcock seemed a worthy representation of these Americans included in the new president's thoughts even if she was watching from the back of the line.

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